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Are YOU interested in joining a top producing real estate team?

We are committed to excellence!

Raising the standards of practice in the real estate business is what we are all about. We achieve this by committing to delivering the highest customer service experience, holding each other accountable to our goals, and maintaining a high caliber of leadership.

Our team will:

Mentor you. 

Help you thrive in all market types. 

Keep you motivated and goal driven. 

Give you many tools to create your perfect business plan.

We can show you the ropes and provide the support and systems to help you build a thriving career in a fun, learning-based environment that is full of positive, high energy! 

We have the tools so that every agent can focus on growing their business. Members on our team get the opportunity to work with a growing group of top agents.


To build relationships and serve clients for life


Mind, Body, and Spirit:

We recognize that giving all we can to achieve our mission and vision starts with a focus on ourselves. We seek to improve all parts of ourselves so that we can present the best versions of ourselves at work and at home.

360 Team Player

While we are a team of specialists, we strive to develop in all parts of the business to ensure any need on the team can be met at any time. No one position or person is better or worse than another. It is through our positive combined efforts that we achieve success.


We are passionate about our long-term goals and put in the effort needed to persevere. Even if we experience bumps along the way, we never lose sight of the goal.

Coachable & Adaptable

In order for us to excel in our mission and achieve our vision, we must always be open to learn and grow. We seek out educational opportunities, both to learn and teach what we know. We never think our way is the best or only way, and we are open to adapting.

Do It Now

Our business does not stand still, and neither do we. We operate with a sense of urgency and are incredibly responsive to client needs, market changes, and new opportunities that can impact our business.


Building a family of companies to create opportunities for each other, our families, and our clients.

Why YOU should join our team.

Productivity → Results

Productivity is measured by results. We break our goals down by week so that we can see results along the way. We are open to enhancing our skill if our actions are not providing the results we seek.

Unique & Fun

Laughter enhances our environment and allows us to serve our clients with joy. We believe that we don’t need to be like anyone else and that having fun makes the work we do even more satisfying.

No Limits

We are open to taking chances. We seek to fail forward, knowing that without failure there can be no growth. We consistently push ourselves and plan for what is next.

Ready to be part of the best real estate team in Columbus?

We look forward to celebrating your success with us! As one of the top real estate teams in Columbus, we are committed to helping you achieve your own personal goals while working together to achieve our team goals!

We are fun, professional, and ready to share our secrets of the industry with you. We look forward to welcoming you home to our team.

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